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My “not” day job — May 2, 2015

My “not” day job

So I’ve been doing this photography thing for almost two years and I still don’t have a decent headshot of myself.  Seriously though, I love photography, I love everything about it, except taking photos of myself.  Why is that?  I’ve spoken to many photographers who feel the very same way, behind the camera and NEVER in front of it.  I’m not sure what we are all so scared of.  I don’t even like taking selfies though to be honest with you, maybe that makes me old and not hip to the times but I don’t care.  I’m not taking a selfie and you can’t make me!!  That’s not true though, I did take a selfie, just not with my phone.  If one is going to take a selfie, one simply cannot JUST take a selfie with any old phone or camera.  I got out my DLSR, found my best lens, cleaned it, put it all together, attached to the tripod, remote in hand I was ready for my selfie.  This was no easy task, taking your own photos is crazy talk,  nothing about them was right, my dog knocked the backdrop down, the wind was blowing through the window and my hair was a mess.  Did I mention that I was super tired?  Dark circles under my eyes, even two buckets of coffee in, still looking like death needed a nap. Time for a new approach.  I tilted the tripod all the way to the floor and laid down on the carpet.  That was just asking for trouble.  That was a priority mail invitation for my dog to come and walk all over me with his giant 80lb Boxer feet.  That was pleasant.  I finally got rid of him, or he got sick of me, I’m not sure what happened first, but in any case I could finally get my sh*t together and get ONE good photo of myself that I felt I could share with… well anyone.  So here it is, the one photo of myself that I can actually stand to look at. Kbeforeafterweb
** the color may be off on some devices, my face is generally a pink fleshy color not green zombie apocalypse-ish.