About me…. Let’s see,  I love my camera like its a part of the family, clearly that is an irrational way to see that relationship.  I have a wonderful husband of almost 4 years and a super special crazy boxer named Diesel.  I’ve put myself through design school, graduated with a bachelors degree which is sitting in a box somewhere packed away.  For the past 10 years I’ve had a few different jobs but now I’m proud to call myself a “lunch lady”.  It’s true, my grandmother, who was one of my biggest role models and supporters, was a committed, 50 yr veteran of Lunch ladies.  I’m proud to follow in her footsteps.  I also do a lot of photography, any chance I get.  My dog is totally on to me, as soon as he hears the camera beep on, he high tails it out of there, he knows there will be never ending tricks and doing things he really doesn’t want to do, he’s no longer my best model. So that’s me, in a really big nutshell.