Well the hubs and I finally got our anniversary photo done, a month late.  We always, ALWAYS take it the day of our anniversary, we are usually dressed pretty reasonably, and look some what acceptable for photos.  Last year we sat outside on the lawn for over an our, with a tripod, a wireless remote and sweat running down … everything.  The dog wanted no part of the photo taking, looking at the camera or being anywhere near it.  You would think that constant lenses in your face since 8 weeks old that he would be used to it, but he hates it little bit more each and every time.

Anyway, after trying to wrangle the dog, and then trying to get him back across the road to the house without anyone getting hit by a car we got it done.  It took a few tries, I forget how other people don’t know how to work my big fancy camera with the 17mm-70mm lens, so its big and heavy. I got it all set up and it was literally point and shoot, but clearly that really wasn’t the case.  But after a few tries she got it, after about 10 photos I looked them over while we were still out there and deemed at least one of them worthy of the frame on our wall.  So without further a-due….4th Anniversary-1