Oh the joys of purchasing a new car.  I would like to say however that the sales team at the Nissan dealership we use are very VERY nice people, not pushy and not your typical care salesmen.  They don’t try to sell you shit you don’t need, or shit that is clearly never going to be of any use at all.  They are just nice people there that work hard to get you a car for the price you can afford.

  That being said, yesterday we went to see what they had for Rogues, we have been looking at them since before we leased the care we have at this moment.  I don’t know why we ended up going with a sedan instead but we did. Silly mistake.  Don’t get  be wrong, this car has served us well, it is a good size for everything we need it to be, it is just very low to the ground, and lower to the ground means harder to get my pedal in when I need to drive.

The pedal slides into two slots and then a pin drops to lock it into place, to do all this you must literally get under the dash between the seat and the steering wheel and one handedly get this to all magically match up.  Easier said that done right? Well it doesn’t really sound easy at all, in fact many -10 degree mornings this past winter I was out in the ice and snow and my knees trying to get the frozen pin to drop so I could drive myself to work.  Very frustrating, and even more so because I all but frost bit my knees on the ice.  No fun.

So you can see that this pedal, while essential to my independence, can be a huge pain in the ass.  So we are getting the rogue, it is higher and I hopefully won’t be spending any cold winter mornings on my knee trying to just get the car to work so I can get to my job.  Lets all hope that for a moment…. Ok, done.

So while installing the pedal may seem simple to me, and anyone else that has never had to actually install said pedal, it is becoming a huge pain in my ass.  There are two places in Vermont/New Hampshire that install said devices.  (it is a liability thing, you need to have a certified technician install these things just in case there were ever an accident you would know ti wasn’t due to faulty mechanics on the device).  My entire family works for one school or another in the area, we run on school schedule, my calendar is the school calendar, we vacation when the kids vacation. Weekends are sacred to us, that is family time, that is get all the shit you need to get done on the weekend, time.

I get my days all figured out, see when my husband can take a day and drive me over to get that done only to find out they don’t do installations on the weekends.  Can’t you make an acception?  of course not.  So I made the appointment, called my husband, he is already booked that day and I didn’t see it on the calendar.  So i called back, rebooked for the other location, called my husband, that one is too far away he doesn’t want to use that one… ok, I’m sure he said that more than once but my brain tucked that helpful piece of information way far in the back.  So I called and left a message on the voice mail, and the guy calls me back while we are on our way to pick up the new car, we finally manage to get a date, a time and a location that works before my phone lost service, because yes there are still places that don’t get cell service.  I’m not really sure why my husband ever lets me schedule things, I always end up having to call them back when he gets home,  clearly I am not capable of properly scheduling events.  He always insists I do it when he is at work, you know, during the day when other people are at work.  Anyway, that isn’t the point here.

When I eventually get to talk to the right person at Ride Away to find out what I need to do and how much it will be I think I almost lost my jaw it dropped so hard.  I have a pedal along with the plate it snaps into and all the other hardware, but it is getting old, still in perfect working condition but they won’t reinstall equip older than 10yrs, I’ve got a few left.  Curious I asked how much it would be for a new pedal, $995, what in holy hell, are you serious?  that is just the part, not the $110/hr labor fee.  So I think we will be using the old one for now, and look into replacing it down the line when it is necessary.maxresdefault The installation itself takes about 4-5 hours, so that is 4-5 hours sitting in the waiting room, which is no different than any other garage/service center waiting room, boring.

I was hoping that we would be close enough to go spend some of the day with our cousin but she would have to drive an hour out of her way to get us and then the hour back, its just silly.  What a pain in the ass this is.

Its annoying because it means that I will NEVER be able to test drive a car before I buy it, that is super annoying.  Hearing everyone say how great it is, how smooth the drive is, how much power it has, yup, yup, yup, got it.  That is the hardest part for me, I can’t even test the pedals because they won’t be in the same place when the pedal is in.  Just one more way my two “good” feet screw me again.

Now it is a waiting game, I have to wait about a month before I can even drive our car,  torture.  It is going to be a long month of everyone else driving me around. Oh well.  I guess that is life, its my life, you would think that I would be used to it by now, but I’m not.  Well here is to hoping that I won’t be out on my hands and knees in the dead of winter fighting with this darn thing…