National Dog Day,  there is a day for everything!!

I think this whole summer has been Diesel’s “day”.  It has been a pretty great summer here in New England.  Aside from the humidity it really hasn’t been too bad.  We didn’t get a whole month of rain like other years, and it hasn’t been SUPER dry.  Over all it has been a pretty enjoyable summer. 


As you can see, it has been a pretty rough summer for some of us.  The couch is such a hard place to sleep and hog all the pillows.  We also never give him the steak, ever.  Generally I make him go lay down but I had to snap a photo of this face.

We have two blankets that he is allowed to sleep on, on the couch, and then we have two that are people blankets, like this teal one.  He is pretty sure that ALL blankets are his and that he is a 8 lb Chihuahua, not the case.

Also if his head isn’t on the pillow you can bet that his butt is hogging it.  “Oh did you want to use this pillow?  too bad. I can’t quite see out the window without so you will have to go find your own.”

He is totally not spoiled at all, never ever.  We really don’t give him table scraps, he tries really hard, but I don’t like cleaning up dog puke so, no scraps for him.

Anyway, I hope that everyone is having or HAD a great summer.  Happy Dog Day!