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Atlantic City and other stuff… — July 1, 2015

Atlantic City and other stuff…

Atlantic City was amazing.  I only say that because it is rare that I leave the state of Vermont, well I do but not to go very far.  It was a busy week, getting everything ready and packed up to go, and I mean PACKED.  My husband always asks why I have to pack so many shirts for two days.  Well because I may not want to wear the only two I packed, and I hate not wearing what I want to be comfortable.  I think that there are others out there that would agree with me on this one.  I also pack extra of everything else, you never know when you will need an extra pair of underpants.  So we stuffed out rolling duffle bag to capacity and then just a little bit more and shoved the whole thing in the car.

We went with the company of my husband’s parents who I just love,  I don’t have the mean mother in law that you see in the movies, she is the opposite of everything a psycho, bat shit crazy mother in law.  So they had packed the same luggage and heaved that in as well, along with a cooler with drinks, two bags of snacks, a few “carry ons”, only to realize that there was no longer room for me to put the third row seat up, because of my recent back surgery I needed to be able to lay down if I needed to.  Oops.  With a little rearranging we were able to make a nice cozy space for me to sit or lay.

 Just enough room for a 6 hour ride.  So the journey to Atlantic City began.  I slept for some of it, mostly through Massachusetts and Connecticut, states that I have been to before and were not that much different than Vermont.  Trees, hills, houses, buildings, normal town or city stuff.
There wasn’t really anything too crazy about the ride, it wasn’t like we were driving through the mid west, and everything was straight and flat and… corn.  No it was normal, green “small” town america.

We went over the G.W. bridge which was pretty exciting, we don’t have crazy bridges like that in Vermont, we still use those crazy covered bridges made of wood. The G.W. was pretty neat though, moderately terrifying when you really think about it but other wise, pretty amazing.

It was a pretty boring ride to say the least, but it went by quickly and before we knew it we were finally in Jersey.   I guess I can’t say that I’ve never been to Jersey before, I have, in middle school we went to Six Flags, but I’m pretty sure I was busy making out with my boyfriend in the back of the bus… and yes MAKING OUT was all we were doing.  Back at that time teen pregnancy wasn’t an issue because we were smart enough to know better, at least I was anyway.  Small town America, where everyone know everyone and I was pretty sure my mother would have kicked my ass so hard google wouldn’t have been able to find me,  with words, she was really good at putting the fear of god in me, and I’m not a religious person.

Anyway, back on track here, Atlantic City, there it was in all its glory.  It was not at all what I had pictured in my head.  Let me put this into perspective for you, have you ever seen Empire Records?  That was my one and only go to movie, I watched the shit out of that movie.  I watched it when it was on tv, I actually had the VHS which I watched so much it got all sketchy and the VCR tried to eat it a few times.  I upgraded to the DVD and got the sound track, I could have performed the whole movie word for word if you had asked.  But anyway, the opening scene of the movie Lucas is put in charge of cashing out the store and taking the money the the bank only to find out the store is getting sold, so he takes the money to Atlantic City and gambles it, wins big and then loses it all.  I’m sure now that they had perhaps over glorified Atlantic City and made it look much like Vegas, or what I assume Vegas looks like.  Anyway that was what I had in my head, not what was really there.

Don’t get me wrong, it was great, I had a great time and I would totally go back, but this trip seemed to be becoming a comedy of errors.  When we arrived at our hotel it was beautiful inside, black sparkly tile and columns, intricate designs in the floors with the tile, black leather benches, black velvet ropes, it was gorgeous.  So we go to check in and the rooms aren’t ready, so they said they would call us when it was ready.  We booked two King rooms.


We went to the bar for a drink, I ordered my sprite and then the call came, room is ready!!  So I chugged my sprite just as fast as I could through my straw like a lady and then we were off to collect our keys and go see what our room looked like.  On the way to the room I tripped and fell, carpet – flip flops- bum leg,  so there we are in the middle of the hall trying to beat the bell boy to the room, stuck in the middle of the hall laughing so hard I couldn’t get back up.  Let me put this into perspective, once I’m down, I’m down.  My husband has to help me back up, after I position my feet just right usually with my hands, and then he can pull me up, but when I’m laughing, I’m dead weight and there is no getting up when I’m dead weight.  i’m like a wet noodle, I just lose all control over my legs.  So there we were, he is telling me to stop laughing, which only made me laugh harder but eventually got my shit together enough to stand back up and walk the rest of the way to the room.  The hallways reminded me of the titanic, I’m not sure why but they did.  Our room was really nice, It had this amazing bed and two bathrooms which I think was the best part.

After we got settled and the in-laws got their room we get  a text saying its not the room they booked.  So we hoof it up to the 11th floor to their room which was two double beds, and one super amazing bathroom – I guess its one or the other.  Nice bed or nice bathroom.  So They had to call down and get a new room, that was the beginning of the comedy of errors.

After we all got settled in our correctly booked rooms we headed down to find some dinner.  I could have settled for almost anything, but we grabbed some pizza from the food court in the casino and then made a game plan for the remainder of the night.  The guys were going to go gamble, and us girls were going to go to Haagen-Daz for ice cream and waffle cones.

As we enjoyed out ice cream we ventured though the casino to the boardwalk, it sounded like a great plan, ice cream on the boardwalk, how could you go wrong with that.. pretty easy, one word, lightning.  Yup we got all the way to the boardwalk after 6 hours in the car, almost 3 hours getting rooms and dinner to finally walk all the way to the boardwalk to find a huge storm letting loose.  So just like I do with every other ice cream I get, I had to take a photo of the ice cream on the boardwalk, in the rain, praying to god that I didn’t get hit by lightning.

 So after my first boardwalk experience we went back to the rooms, and settled down to watch our shows.  Being the tech geek my husband is he was prepared with he iPad and netflix all set up to finish up season 2 of Orange is the new Black and some other shows that I may or may not have fallen asleep during.

The next morning we got up, showered and dressed, ready for the day and praying that it would not rain.  After my fall in the hallway I opted for my tried and true, always comfortable go to flip flops and out the door we went.

I’m not sure how many times I fell on the boardwalk, but it was the same thing every single time.  I hold my husbands hand with my right hand, so when my toe would catch a board just right, down I went.  As I fell my husband would brace his body so I wouldn’t fall, but I did every time, my whole body would swing around and land right on my left hip.  Time after time.  Let me just reiterate,  I had back surgery a month ago, falling was the last thing I wanted to do.  It was inevitable though, the botox I get in my leg to relax the muscles that otherwise point my foot downward, thank you meningitis.  Needless to say I went home with a really nice purple parting gift.

Lets not make that one too big, you can see how big my hand is in comparison to the giant purple bruise on my hip.  We walked  and walked so much that day, 5 miles worth of walking the boardwalk.  It was a blast, minus my injury.  Its a good thing I don’t wear short shorts.  Haha.  We did do some fun stuff, we went to the Ripley’s Museum, my husband had a blast in there.


Yup, I was not going home without documenting that I do intact exist.  Every other time I am the one behind the camera and I am almost NEVER in photos.  But here I am ladies and gentlemen, chilling with Optimus Prime and Captain Jack.  Did I mention it was 90+ degrees out and tropical humidity?  It was, I was pretty sure I was going to die of heat stroke there for a few minutes but some rest in the shade, a gatorade and and new dress seemed to fix that.

It was a really nice vacation, my husband and I had saved our money all year, so that we wouldn’t have to worry about money on vacation.  It was a real treat to want something and just be able to buy it right there, without making sure my debit card will work, not that it has ever been a problem before, but student loans have our budget pretty tight most of the time.  Damn student loans, I could go on for days about that, but that is a whole other beast that I may or may not post about at a later date.  This is a vacation post and thus I will not even mention Stupid god damn evil evil evil spawn of satan student loan companies.  Ok, I’m done now.

We spent the whole day on the boardwalk, after which we went to the room to relax a bit and then we had a family dinner planned at Margaritaville, yes we do love us some Margaritaville! It was a great dinner and just what everyone needed.

After dinner it was back out to the boardwalk, we had to see it at night!  Which if you know me, dark is dangerous.  My last fall of the night was almost back to the hotel, and I fell so hard, I think it was the last straw and what actually caused the giant bruise.  It was rather embarrassing.  I fell right in front of a whole group of 20 somethings, all girls, a whole pack of them and I think every single one screamed “OMG!! are you ok??!!”  yup, Im fine.  Seriously happens all the time.  But before I could even open my mouth to answer my husband had my hand and one of the girls was behind me trying to scoop me up off the boardwalk.  I don’t mind it when people see me fall, I don’t mind when they ask me if I’m ok, but when they start helping it gets embarrassing.  They have no idea why I fell, that my foot is ridiculous 90% of the time and that It really wasn’t just me being clumsy or drunk.

All in all though it was a wonderful vacation with my husband and the family.  I won’t bore you with more pictures of me standing in front of things, or bruises.  The one whole day we spent there was worth it, 12 hours in the car, worth it, sweating my ass off and almost breaking a hip, worth every single painfully embarrassing moment.